CSI Bump Stop Sysyem

With the system installed on the car it slowly engages the bump rubber from initial turn in to the center of the corner. As it compresses the rubber two things are achieved; it drives the tires into the track creating more grip and minimizing suspension travel on the right side. When the car tran-sitions from the center to exit of the corner the bump rubber acts as a helper. It assists the car back to the left side increasing your corner exit speed and lowering lap times. The majority of our testing has been using the rubbers on the right side. Some customers have reported good results using them on the LR in certain situations.

 Measurement should be taken with driver in the car.


Slide the bump rubber around shock shaft between the springs. With the driver in the car measure from the top of the bump rubber to the bottom of the shock. This is your "gap". The gap is tunable by adding or removing bump rubbers and packers. The packers are easily removed by using a 90 degree pick in the hole of the packer and pulling it out. We often run two bump rubbers in the RR, to achieve the desired gap. The packers a 1/8" thick, you can run as many or little as you need to get your desired gap. We recommend starting with a 3/4" gap on the RF and RR. Use your travel indica-tors as a guide to see if your getting into the rubbers or not. We recommend making your changes in 1/4" increments.


Robert Fletcher SR.,
Nov 22, 2014, 6:17 AM